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i seem to have a cold. mer. i was supposed to sub a yoga class tonight but had to ask for someone to take it over for me. no one wants to see a snotty yoga teacher. gross.

it's really nice that people still write on diaryland. i remember when i used to write here all the time. facebook just isn't the same as good old d-land. online diaries seem to just be a thing of the past. i like that i can be anonymous here. i can talk about more here if i want, and i may. this isn't a real easy time. 2015 may be a year of tough decisions.

the last few months have been rough. i'm pretty much the sole breadwinner as hubs isn't fully employed. long story behind that, but i'm getting a bit resentful as it has been almost a year and i know he could do more to find a job. i'm really exhausted from working a full time job and teaching.

someone i was dating over the summer and fall dumped me in november, simply because he didn't seem to understand that love comes in different flavors and intensities. the light seemed to really go out of my life when he did that. i'm not even sure i was a crazy about him as i thought i was, but it made me sad. we had something nice and his anxiety blew it apart. but i suppose that's what i get for dating someone that inexperienced with multiple relationships. the man i've been with for 5 years is still around though, and he's as wonderful as ever. i just wish i could see him more.

my sweet little kitty was quite ill for a couple of weeks. she had pancreatitis. we thought we were going to lose her, but we were able to take care of her with the help of a new vet. she's doing much better, thank god. i love her very much.

i need more fun in my life this year, and i need to drop some things that are draining my energy.

7:45 p.m. - 12.29.2014


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